Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Upsetting the Garmin.

Hey folks,

We left this morning on our grand world tour, after getting our Annie Palmer Special (white Toyota Corolla) at the local Hertz/drug- front.
The guy that rented us the car didn't even check to see if we had insurance, I passed their credit check with no problem and there was a dead palm tree and water dripping from the ceiling... all signs point to that place not being there when we get back.

We're now near the OH/KY border and our GPS is trying to kill us. We asked it for a Panera bread (on account of the free internet) and it led us four miles through a very low-rent area where we saw a lady with no limbs riding a motorized wheelchair down the street.
It has also told me to turn around and go home, drive into oncoming traffic and park sideways across three lanes of highway. I swear. Ask Aaron.

I fell on my tailbone and broke the cooler (those events are related) already, so that temporary health insurance I purchased is seeming like a superb idea. Incidentally, my car and my body now both have a $500 deductible.

We're on our way to Mammoth Cave and from there we're going to visit my family in Knoxville.

More later,



  1. officially following, and highly anticipating more stories.

    sorry to hear about your tailbone.

    if the car rental place is gone when you get back, do you get a free car?

    katie von erck.

  2. also, Pat and I recently had a similar experience trying to find Subway sandwiches. Also one time the GPS told me to drive off the side of a hill I SWEAR TO GOD. mostly though it was helpful. like, 98 percent of the time.

  3. Yay, readers already!

    I think the Garmin issue has been resolved: I changed it from pedestrian mode and learned how to make detours.